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Qualifications and Accreditations

  • COMENSA Accredited and Licensed Life Coach 

  • Accredited and Licensed HeartMath Coach

  • Cultural Site Guide for Western Cape and Surrounds including  Cape Metropole, Breede River, West Coast, Winelands, Overberg, Namaqualand, Port Elizabeth and Environs TG/CultSiteGd/4/0031


  • Generic Adventure Site Mountain Guide On Trail, Day Hiking below 2400mASL

  • First Aid Certification

       Institution: Medical Skills Training - Advanced

       First Aid Level 3 (CT/22/4312)

My own journey of change began approximately 15 years ago. I think I was quite naive about my own self growth and who I was - both as a man, son, brother, husband and father. I think much of my own perception about my life  journey was based on how society saw me and I chose, at that stage, to follow the status quo.

Close to my 35th birthday I started to question what my role was and move in to a deeper understanding of myself - both in my personal and professional life. I had an uneasy feeling in my heart as though a part of me was missing and I wanted to try and understand what this was all about. Why was I experiencing this change and what was going to happen to me going forward?

Fast forward 5 years ...... 41 years old.

Heart opening and explosive relationship with my twin flame.

Three motorcycles in my garage. Numerous tattoos (with various meanings). An unpleasant divorce. Living beyond my means financially. The highly spoken about mid-life crisis in full swing. Except I didn't see it like that. I saw it as a second chance for my happiness. To feel freedom. To feel happiness. To feel my heart smile again and to be truly alive.

Where am I now ? 

The past 15 years for myself has been about change and my own self development including a rollercoaster ride from nowhere. Trying to understand and make peace with the journey that I am on. A continued search for my happiness and well-being. A concerted effort  to try and understand my strengths and weaknesses - and trying to remain compassionate to myself under these circumstances. My healing path has involved getting married to a beautiful woman (Lilah) who has taught me many of life's little lessons and bought much love and happiness into my heart. 


All part of being a man in today's challenging world. 


I am a compassionate, generous, kind and big-hearted soul. A loyal friend, son and brother. A loving husband and father.

I wish you peace on your  journey.


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