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“The Way is not in the sky; the Way is in the heart."

Are you struggling with your own self worth?

Do you feel a deeper need to change your current way of being?

Does your life feel as though it revolves around stress and anxiety?

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

Do you want to CHANGE and become more resilient and coherent in your day to day life?

We are all undergoing massive change - both in our professional and personal lives. In reality we have all moved through a life-changing era. The Covid pandemic has, in some way, altered our life paths forever. We are currently feeling the after effects of these changes - what we considered as normal life is no longer. Our lifestyles, attitudes and perceptions have changed drastically. 

If for a moment you can compare your life and core energy levels to that of a battery. When we feel joy and happiness, success and love, our battery levels are heightened and we are, in a sense, energised and  feel full of life - re-energised. The opposite to this is also very clear - when we are feeling pain, sadness, stress/anxiety and unloved, our battery levels become depleted and we feel drained. How resilient are you to that change ? Are you aware of the change in yourself during this transition? How do we recognise when we are stepping into this space of negative thoughts and what can we do to re-energise our battery level?


At Journeyman Life Coaching, I will  provide you with the compassionate support and the tools required to recognise, adapt and recover from negative, challenging and overwhelming life challenges. I offer a unique and heart centred approach to understand your own life journey and to create a coherent space so that your mind, thoughts and emotions are able to become  balanced and in sync.


My goal is to provide support, guidance and mentoring throughout this process so that you may experience a sense of coherence and emotional self regulation in your own life. I believe that every person has the knowledge and inner courage to take their power back to make your heart smile. 


Heather, Cape Town

I had the pleasure of co creating a leadership experience for a very high performing team with Paul. I chose to work with him because of his impeccable way of honouring people, nature and process. Paul has a natural way of connecting with people from all walks of life and an intuitive sense of what they long for. As a qualified tourist and adventure mountain guide, Paul curated a unique experience for the team. His incredible life coaching experience made for a powerful combination. Paul is my first choice to lead any transformational journey, whether it is outside in nature or the internal journey of reclaiming yourself through life coaching.

Chris, Cape Town

The covid 19 pandemic was extremely destructive to the business that I'd spent most of my professional life building. Within a month it had been reduced to a collection of ovens, grills and coffee machines. It goes without saying, I'm the proud owner of three restaurants and a Foodtruck. Paul helped my re-allign myself professionally and personally during a very difficult time. We focused on building positivity and acknowledged what had happened in a very short space of time. Paul's "walks" were always honest, at times difficult but ultimately left me feeling like there was hope.

Claudia, Cape Town

Chatting to him I quickly discovered not only his passion for nature and the outdoors but a gift of “gently” imparting knowledge about his personal coaching and how he marries his sessions in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. 

Paul often uses the endearing word “gentle” with his private coaching session and emails!  

Feeling he was trustworthy I thought I would book a session with him.  We met at the Newlands Forest for my first experience and walked and talked.  He’s a good listener, perceptive, he asked the right questions and gets you to think about your issues, baggage or whatever you want to name it in an enlightened way. 

Being in this natural setting helps you relax, breathe in nature and it’s powerful energy.

What a great what to express one’s concerns or troubles in a non-office environment. The personal lessons I learned in the one nature walk “session” was invaluable.

What a novel way to learn and practice personal growth! I can recommend Paul wholeheartedly.

Disclaimer: Please note that Paul is not a psychologist but a coach and conduit for inner personal growth!

Raf, Cape Town

After several walks with Paul, I’ve said to him that everyone needs a “Pocket Pa(u)l”. I initially saw him in his Life Coaching capacity and his compassion is immediately felt. This fosters a safe space for conversation which allows you to dive deep into your own internal world and unpack parts of yourself which are hard to reach. His care, wisdom and guidance through his curated outdoor experiences, tours or life coaching, are far more than just a walk in the park.
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